Accessible Public Spaces

Accessible Public Spaces

Here are some great examples of communities creating accessible public spaces and utilizing technology to support inclusive opportunities for people who are visually impaired or have other disabilities to increase their mobility and independence. 

Brisbane Braille Trail extended through CBD

Brisbane is creating an accessible city to support independence for people who are visually impaired.

Ready to Launch: Assistive Technology Helps People with Visual Impairment Enjoy Public Places in a New Way

If you have visited the Dennis Braille Trail in Dennis, Massachusetts, then you may have experienced LaunchGuide, a new device with a QR code that can be read by your smartphone and helps the visually impaired enjoy public spaces through navigation aid and information.

There is a Code on the Street Blind People can Read with their Feet.

These textured pavements are an amazing new way to make cities accessible to people who are visually impaired.


Blind Hiker Uses Satellite Technology to find his Way

An incredible story about the world's only blind professional long distance hiker and the assistive technology he uses to guide him on his adventures.


Reserva Natural Humedal Punta Tuna en Maunabo

This is a very cool example at the Punta Tuna Reserve in Puerto Rico of the integration of smartphone technology at a Braille nature trail for audio enhancement!