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Button Bush Trail

Button Bush Trail
On Cape Cod in Eastham, Massachusetts, the Button Bush Trail is located at the Salt Pond Visitor Center. The trail winds through a salt marsh with guide ropes and Braille interpretive signs about the marsh, including descriptions of features to feel, listen to, or smell. “Treasure boxes” along the trail contain natural objects such as rocks, pine cones and seashells.

Nearby City: Eastham
State: Massachusetts
Location: Salt Pond Visitor Center, Cape Code National Seashore
Braille signs: Yes
Sensory Garden: N/A
Guide rope: N/A
Tactile Pathway: N/A
Wheelchair accessible: N/A
Audio: N/A
Length or area: 0.2 mile
Loop: N/A
Number of stations: N/A
Other: N/A