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Elephant Rocks Braille Trail

Elephant Rocks Braille Trail
The Braille Trail for visually impaired and physically disabled visitors at the Elephant Rocks Natural Area in Belleview, Missouri is designated as a National Recreation Trail. The asphalt trail features Braille interpretive signage and opportunities to explore the maze of giant elephant rocks. The rocks formed 1.5 billion years ago from magma, forming the red granite “elephants”, because the rocks stand end to end like a herd of circus elephants.

Nearby City: Belleview
State: Missouri
Location: Elephant Rocks State Park
Braille signs: Yes
Sensory Garden: N/A
Guide rope: Yes
Tactile Pathway: N/A
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Audio: N/A
Length or area: 1.2 miles
Loop: Yes
Number of stations: N/A
Other: N/A