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Lee McCune Braille Trail

Lee McCune Braille Trail
The site of the Lee McCune Braille Trail south of Casper, Wyoming on Casper Mountain was chosen because of the wide variety of plant life. Each station along the trail’s guide rails has information about the natural surroundings in English print and Braille. Visitors can hear a babbling brook, touch rough tree bark, and have other sensory experiences as they follow the trail through the forest, over a bridge, and even through a bog.

Nearby City: Casper
State: Wyoming
Location: Skunk Hollow on Casper Mountain
Braille signs: Yes
Sensory Garden: N/A
Guide rope: Yes
Tactile Pathway: N/A
Wheelchair accessible: N/A
Audio: N/A
Length or area: 0.5 mile
Loop: Yes
Number of stations: N/A
Other: N/A