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Trail for Everyone

Trail for Everyone - Parco Naturale Prealpi Giulia
In the Municipality of Luseverna near the Ai Ciclamini Hotel and Pain dei Ciclamini information centre is a “trail for everyone.” This fully accessible trail has guide ropes, curbs, and moderate inclines to accommodate people who are visually impaired or have other physical disabilities. Educational installations along the trail give information about the local flora and fauna and history of the area. The trail has an electronic navigation system utilizing microchips along the path to guide visitors with specially designed walking sticks and Bluetooth earphones which gives recorded directions and trail information. 

Nearby City: Lusevera
Country: Italy
Location: Parco Naturale near Pian dei Ciclamini Information Centre
Braille signs: Yes
Sensory Garden: N/A
Guide rope or rails: Yes
Tactile Pathway: N/A
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Audio: Yes
Length or area: 600 m
Loop: N/A
Number of stations: N/A
Other: Specially designed walking sticks with antenna / microchips for GPS